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"Penis head mcgee!"
-- Joe McGuire
"It looks like some kind of mecha godzilla combined with hulk hogan with a visor
and clothing similar to son goku. In short, I don't know who the hell is
that. By the way, when will you finish the game!? I've had a dream last
night that I was playing Abobo's big Adventure. I was so angry when I woke up
and realized it was just a dream, hehe."
-- Matija
"It's clearly Clark W. Griswald."
-- Stephan
-- Alex Leonard
"I could be Krang's robotic body from TMNT that is controled by...Toad from Super
Mario Bros.?"
-- Pan1c
"Bald Bull from Punch-out"
-- Tyler
"KRANG only he is wearing roller blades"
-- tom
"it must be krangs android turtle power"
-- benny
"it better be krang and you better have bebop and rocksteady or i will make you
eat my shorts"
-- tom
-- Joel
-- Insert Name Here
-- Anonynimous
"It's TMNT's Krang with his "body suit" or whatever he called it."
-- cwallace
"Krang's bodysuit from TMNT, with a Metal Slime from DW controlling it"
-- X3
"LOL That's gotta be Krang, and he's about to shoot lasers from his eyes!"
-- Roth
"kirby in kang's mechanical suit."
-- its kang
"M.Bison lawl"
-- Joosh
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