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Comment on: Play Abobo's Big Adventure at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con!
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"OMA! (Oh my Abobo!) I'll so be there!"
-- Joe Blow
"So, when is game coming online?"
-- Matija
"When will the game come online?! When will a moonbeam be caught in a jar? When
will a triple rainbow finally be captured on film? When will Abobo write
beautiful poetry? Who can know the unknowable?"
-- Nick
"my friend tommy knows he gave me all the inside info"
-- kevin
"Can I wear an Abobo mask on top of my mask?"
-- Jason Voorhees
"you fellas should try to get on of the guys from GeekTime from siriusXM to play
the game. if they plug you guys on the air this game will be HUGE"
-- jaysaun
"I can't wait to play this game again! you guys are on your way to making a
-- MVS
"I like to wear my Abobo mask and hide in gas station bathrooms with the lights
off. When someone walks in, I yell "ABOBO PUUUUNCH" and punch their faces off."
-- Fisty McSmashface
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