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"I would sacrifice 19 kittens and 99 cockroaches for this poster."
-- Maxwell
"All of them"
-- Ekmeian
"Three kittens, two puppies, and one cute Asian grandma."
-- Alec
-- Satan
"All of them...because when you kill, maim, or torture a kitty, a demon gets its
-- Kyle
"I would sacrifice six and a half kittens."
-- Jake
"All the kittens. All the puppies. All the bunnies. No regrets."
-- Matt
"I'll tell you as soon as get done counting all the bodies."
-- Tbot
"One Hundred Million!!!!"
-- Odrakir
"Also I would sacrifice Baal, just to be safe."
-- Matt
"lim_(x->0^+) 1/x Or maybe two or three more..."
-- Kiki
"i asked abobo for a hair from his mustache instead he gave me one of his pubes"
-- sullivan
"I would sacrifice all my games. Okay, that's BS, but this poster is gonna be
-- Zer0
-- Acz
"Wait a sec. Is Little Mac the final boss?"
-- Pan1c
"No, there's no final boss in this game, the game is infinitely long with an
infinite number of levels and bosses."
-- Nick
"How many will it take? I will start the breeding process immediately!"
-- Jon
"My SNES with Gameboy adapter is worth of it! And... and my loved Blackhawk game.
Ok, ok, and my Atari 2600. That's poster it's AWESOME! Such a brilliant
gem! Love it, need it, get it!"
-- Bago
"i'd kill everyone's pet for that poster"
-- TheGregPotocky
"i hope to god you don't sell that poster because you will break so many
copyright by doing so its not even funny "
-- j
"actually it's pop art, jag-off... if your analysis were correct, Campbell's soup
could have taken andy warhol to the cleaners... wow... amatuer attorneys
abound--- I for one would bring Baal and Beelzebubba together and slay before
them a vast variety of small furry mammals, the kitten carnage would cause
kitteh lovahs to crash icanhazcheezburger in an outpouring of misspelled
-- Sweezy
"None, abobo killed them all already :( but ill definitely go run over a puppy!
mmmmm innocent fluffy puppy splatter :)"
-- Bobby
"He have the same orange skin as The Thing from Fantastic Four.Let Just Hope some
Marvel fan won't mistake the Blue eye Thing from Abobo"
-- Sir Shadow
"I would have sex with a kitten for this poster"
-- CHUCKYkn1ght
"all kiten wait to long press the red bouton to lunch nuke on evry kiten should
-- dragons277
"i would sacrifice over 9000 kittens"
-- jake
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