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Comment on: The second letter of Abobo's name
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"That looks like that one time when my butt threw up."
-- A-Pain
"Who would make such a fallacy? Abobo is one of those characters like Boba Fett.
Created under no thought that he would invoke a cult following. ABOBO FOREVER!"
-- Zer0
"I take offense at the previous post."
-- Doba Fett
"i love Apopo!"
-- asshole
"I hope next monday update will be the trailer. It is about damn time!"
-- JasonMwaaa
"I hope Abobo gets to beat the crap out of Shaq with his Abobo Fu."
-- Jake
"yeah son give us some real updates, i am a grown man i do not like updates
targeted towards littlek ids"
-- maurice
"Filipino Chicken Abobo = Epic Win"
-- Jimmy
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