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Comment on: Abobo destroys L.A.
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"Nice arcade machine It looks great. "
-- Plothole
"Also, congratulations on stripping my hot pink, comic sans html tags."
-- Plothole
"I hope Abobo doesn't stomp on my face for posting a comment on his site."
-- -RoG-
"will abobo find love in his big adventure or will destruction forever remain his
only love"
-- Vare
"when will we be able to play the awesomeness of Abobo's adventure online?"
-- David
"Hopefully, we'll finish it by this summer, it's about 75% done now, but we want
to make sure we test it well and release the best game possible so Abobo doesn't
use our lungs as pool floaties."
-- Nick
"Looks like a great time! I am the Great Humungous!"
-- Shadowdancer21b
"Can't wait to get my hands on the finished game, guys. "
-- Nick
"Look mom, I made a comment! This game is all the best parts of my gaming infancy
... please continue this epic adventure of smash."
-- RicePirate
"Sheeesh Louiz dats da bomdigady "
-- Banango
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