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"When people play beta levels they probably think of some interesting things that
could be added to the game. So, my question is, do you accept ideas for stages
(by stages I mean anything related to already existing stages) or is the game so
far in production that making any changes would take too much time?"
-- Pan1c
"We implement stuff from the beta tests. That's the whole reason we do them. It's
mostly bug fixes, but every once in a while someone suggests something and we
say "yeah, that HAS to be in there.""
-- Nick
"I've seen your progress, and it's hilarious! I'm expecting to see this game
soon! Cheers!"
-- Josť
"sorry man lol but I have for playstation and what you say is true about
sercihang by title and going to B Im from UK so maybe that was the problem and
why I found it on our store, different refresh times mybe?"
-- GzEta4A4
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