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Comment on: Rare Abobo Sticker
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"Hmm... Kinda looks like Fist of the North Star"
-- MrNonRespondo
"Agree's with above post and also seems like some form of doppleganger who is
allied with the double dragon bro's till they team up with the toads"
-- Zero
"I wonder what Abobo (the real one) has to say about this."
-- Pan1c
"Abobo's looking pale. Also looking capable of thoughts."
-- pwnmanexe
"i had those stickers! those were the shit lol. also, have you heard of
babycastles in nyc? they're a bar that displays homebrew arcade games for play.
you should check em out, i'm sure they'd love to put your game out there"
-- Rymel
"Hey...this looks familiar. ;) Perhaps this was during a phase in which he was
REALLY into watching Stephen Segal movies?"
-- Sack
"that sticker is a big wussy sticker"
-- Aboboanon
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