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"Why does Abobo look like he has down syndrome in that pic?"
-- Nick
"Wow! Good thing I watch Spongebob or I would have never gotten Step 1 down."
-- Jake
"Where is the beta level that was supposed to be released by the end of this
-- Matija
"Would you rather have a beta level or the whole game? Too bad, you're getting
the whole game... no matter how much longer it takes!"
-- Nick
"I thought that was the reason. Yes, I would like to see the whole game :D"
-- Matija
"I had been killing a cat every day that the beta didn't come out, but then I
realized that it pleased Abobo and he was delaying the beta so I would continue!
What can I do now? If I stop, I will be killed for displeasing Abobo, but if I
continue, the beta and game will never be released..."
-- Katt Killkitty
"Third week without updates? I guess the release of the game is very close :D"
-- Pan1c
"Too bad I'm not black with a hockey mask, but that is an epic mustache."
-- Scythe
"Like a boss.. "
-- Employeee
"Its funny they didn't really explain much on drawing abobo they let the
illustrations to do it"
-- pico
"thank you for the awesome tequniqe by the way I like your comic illustrations."
-- crazy D
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-- aigaqozohitaz
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