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Comment on: Final boss complete!
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"A winner is you!! "
-- Pan1c
"Two words: Fuck. Yes."
-- dungeonboss
"My goodNES... I've been waiting for about a year for this awesomeNES to come
-- BS
"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this! (1- up)"
-- BS
"Sweet! Does that mean we have an updated release date? I can't wait to play
-- PartyXtreme.com
"Yo!!! Finally!!! Fiiiiinally! Adobo will be alive!!! HURRAY!!! HURRAY HURRAY!!!
GO FOR IT GUYS!!!!! yo deserve many great things in life!! If in a near future
this game is available for the iphone I'll buy it at any price! for you guys and
your awesome passion! You rock!"
-- Jose
"Yeah! Now I have all Winter and Spring to play before my Summer murder
fest! ... By the way, I'll be praying Justin Bieber comes! I invited him over
for a tea party! Your welcome world. (Please don`t kill me Abobo...)"
-- Jason Voorhees
-- Sam
"The final boss is Mike Tyson from punch out?"
-- Brundon
"Great news fellas! been looking forward to playing this :)"
-- Wootness
"I'm gonna get myself outta this cave only to play this. Feels like a new age is
-- BizarroJoe
"where do you download it?"
-- jason
"If the final boss is anything similar to the Princess Peach+ Zangief battle in
space from Michael Fantasy and Forever, that would be ABSOLTELY EPIC!!! Here's
what I'm talking about(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZEAC27GysI). If you could
do that, that would be perfect "
-- leverth
"You're just stupid. "
-- okay
"Nigaa on my dick."
-- Ahmed Hussein
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