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"If this games doesn't come by the end of November, I swear I will kick
your..................(A user has been punched by Abobo)"
-- Pan1c
"Hopefully coming soon"
-- David Bowe
"will the game be downloadable, or just playable on this site in a browser?"
-- Darkeagle
"We'll probably offer a downloadable version too, but it's intended to be played
on the web."
-- Nick
"This game represents the frustration of the common black man from the ghettos.
Abobo is a proud black man who saves up his welfare money to buy steroids so
that he can go into upper class white neighborhoods and beat up stock brokers,
lawyers, realtors, and Uncle Toms like Christopher Gardner and Kobe Bryant. He
needs to rescue his son from his law abiding adoptive family. Teach him to be
black man!"
-- Angry Black Man
"thanks for the quick answer nick :) this game looks like insane fun. i bet it
would sell very well on xbla. iŽd buy it. ;) ... best wishes from germany. "
-- Darkeagle
"Please release the beast ive been waiting for like 2yrs now make it happen soon
do it noooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww"
-- benn
"well this is just too sick Y0!"
-- mad joe
"can't wait to test this game, looks pretty gnarkill"
-- Kenty
"I've put in 75 of the total 100 achievements... this is crazy."
-- Nick
"If you beat this game twelve times without being hit once, you unlock the
ability to play as Abobo's master. Abobo's master is Abobo."
-- W. A. Stokins
"You guys should make this into an Android app when you're finished. Charge $.99
or $1.99 for it. I'd buy it."
-- Deuce
"how about a screen shot or somethin' fellas? give the fans what they want"
-- chuck
"Any hints on when we can expect the game?, before december?, mid december?,
christmas?. I know you say 'in 2011' but, that still is a somewhat broad
statement. I know the previous guesstimate was thanksgiving."
-- Alden
"Any chance this could be played on the Wii with just the 1 and 2 and the D pad?
That would be boss. "
"This game looks awesome, and i can not wait to play it RAAAGE!!"
-- DD fan
"Looking forward to this. The sleep deprivation, loss of my job, eye strain, and
carpal tunnel from clicking the refresh button on the new page every 5 seconds
will be worth it. The only reason I'm not suffering malnutrition is because of
the month's supply of cheese puffs and root beer within reach of my computer.
Please don't let my supplies run out before the game is released!"
-- Jack Hass
"As a fan of the original nes, I'm stoked to double Abobo all the 8 bit baddies."
-- maxematics
"will there be a nude code?"
-- calvin
"The only way you could play this on a Wii controller is if you had some adapter
to hook it up to a PC."
-- Nick
"Would it be possible to play the game with a PS3 controller??? Maybe connect it
to my mac computer with Bluetooth??? (I don't know how to do either btw, but I
think it should be possible)."
-- Arkham
"Clarification: The only way to play this with ANY controller is to hook that
controller up to a PC somehow. There are probably adapters to do this for most
controllers. We linked to one for NES controllers in the news post, but you can
use GOOGLE or search AMAZON for your particular controller. GOOD LUCK!"
-- Nick
"Well i am gonna play this with my pc arcade stick!!! so much
-- tazze
"Can we expect any additional playable characters as secrets? I know it's a tall
order, considering how much content is already in the game, but it's always
something I like to see. Hell, even colour changes would be nice. I mean, I'm
sure at least one person would want to play as White Abobo or Hulk Abobo."
-- Magitek
"Hulk Abobo? Don't you just mean Abobo :P?"
-- Truthsayer
"Once I was so excited for you, Abobo... Now I live in fear that your game will
come out in the middle of finals and ruin my life."
-- Swani
"I hope Joy2Key isnt the only way to play this..I HATE Joy2key, it doesnt work at
all with my 3-in-1 gaming adapter..I just want to plug and play like Super Mario
Bros X and it lets me map my controls..PLEASE let Joy2Key be optional.."
-- Beestow
"Well guys, November is almost over. Where is Abobo's Big Adve....(a user was
punched by Abobo) Damn it!"
-- Pan1c
"You don't HAVE to use joy2key, the game will be keyboard controlled by default.
The suggestion to use joy2key is just a suggestion for those without advanced
usb controllers that already allow key mapping. The truth is, most people will
play this on their keyboard using the arrows the "A" key and the "S" key. If you
already have a controller that allows key mapping, then joy2key is not
-- Nick
"if you go to the homepage and click on the cross on abobos chin it takes you to
the secret page"
-- howard stern
"Cross on the chin? Doesn't work :S"
-- Matija
"Mother Fu*%er if you dont release this game soon im gonna Tiger 9mm your Taint
-- Black Sagat
"@Angry Black Man--I really hope you don't believe that all blacks in 'the
ghetto' are on welfare and spend their free time, game or otherwise, conspiring
to 'beat up Uncle Toms like Christopher Gardner and Kobe Bryant,' because that
would be stu--I mean, 'Abobo-like.' *Busts through wall to next topic*"
-- Player 1
"this game looks epic o nes graphics and games of my childhood how ive missed u
-- cj
"So the wait is almost over... Im ready for this, nice trailer by the way"
-- Bimmy
"amazing i cant wait..."
-- jimbo
"yeah!!!!ABOBO is comin' for you!"
-- davethemonkey
"You guys know that your server is probably going to crash with all the
anticipation built up from MILLIONS... and BILLIONS... of NES FANS AAAAAROUND
-- AbabosBigShit
"Will there be any more beta tests? I singed up for beta and it says "you are
beta tester number #12345", so since the game is already finished (I guess),
what is the point of another beta (if there will be one)?"
-- Pan1c
"so.....when is this coming out? I NEED to play!"
-- Silly Billy
-- leverth
"Well, a new betatest was released, for the '2p battle' part of the game, so that
would easily be another week of testing, then integrating with the main game,
then testing again, plus achievements for it. Seems like we might be lucky to
see the game before christmas."
-- Alden Fenris
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
-- Nick
"Abobo is the virtual incarnation of Chuck Norris!"
-- Mackiees
"how many different play styles are there going to be"
-- Jae
-- Nick
"Its interesting the way im entering the site everyday waiting for any other
-- Bimmyfor
"i bet this will be our christmas present =D"
-- Liraman
"This game is about the sad story of Abobos attempt to rescue his young son from
the slippery, sticky Penn. State showers after Jerry Sandusky's henchmen kidnap
his son! "
-- Lil' Jimmy
"I use to be like Abobo, then I took an arrow to the knee ! "
-- Skyrim Job
"Cool game, but at the bottom right of the webpage skin. I believe your 8bit
character [the shark] has a dildo attached to it's head? y/n ? Either way, it's
all win. "
-- bl0x
"Abobo versus Chuck Norris... that would be an interesting fight. "
-- Jack Hass
"Also, I'll be dissapointed if I input the Konami Code and nothing happens."
-- Magitek
"i got some inside info from my friend joey... HUGE update coming to the site
tomorrow (12-12-11)"
-- victor
"still waiting that HUGE update :3"
-- Jacko
"If there really is a huge update, which I doubt, I hope it will be a release
date. We are in the middle of December and I think it is about time for game to
be released or at least get a release date."
-- Pan1c
"So... is the rage releasing in 2011 or...? "
-- Abogangster
"this should have a multiplayer! "
-- doctorhibert
"-Comment deleted by Abobo"
-- -------------------
-- Luc@s
"This comment was deleted by Abobo, who also deleted the parents of this comment,
the children of this comment, the livestock and pets of this comment, and
basically anybody else who even knew that this comment existed."
-- Malloy
"Any news?, should we expect the game to be out before, or after christmas?"
-- Alden Fenris
"Okay people, place your bets. I bet the game will be released on 26th of
-- Jason
"It's being released on my birthday!"
-- Nicholas
"Well at least there is a release date, too bad that by then vacations will be
-- Mr Smith
"That epic"
-- Angel
"I hope it will let me use a SNES controller instead (I don't have a NES one),
with a USB adapter of course."
-- Kalasinn
"You can use whatever you want as long as the software you use lets you map the
keys on your controller to the keys on your keyboard."
-- Nick
"What is this? And if its as awesome as it seems why have I never heard of it?
Not to be mean or anything I was just wondering "
-- Confused
"What's the best brand of creatine pill to take to help gain mass?"
-- body building websit
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