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Comment on: Abobo's Big Adventure: Official Release Date Announcement!
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"Nice, now at least I wont have to visit daily looking for updates. To Abobo:
first thing I'm gonna do when playing is suicide for making me wait till next
-- Aitsu
"Oops, we were trying to increase your visits to the site... BACKFIRE!"
-- Nick
"Making Abobo wait is just asking for a heart-punch!"
-- Chris
"Abobos new year resolution is to be released in 2012"
-- Vanderhuge
"Looking forward to it, This could very well be one of the greatest flash games
-- Ulick Norman Owen
-- Captain Bo
"I had been seeing this on newgounds for the longest. Just watched the short
tailor and I am already thrilled to see whats in store. Take your time with the
release and can't wait to see the finished product!"
-- Kiru
"Wait longer for more features! No problem!"
-- Mike
"Looking forward to the new year then. "
-- JeremyJC
"Wait a second, That's my friggin' birthday. Totally playing this."
-- Nicolas
"I dont know whats more exciting christmas or abobo's game lol and that means
-- beta tester# 9698
"Nice cant wait"
-- Red-Cheetah
"Cool, I won't have to wait long to KICK SOME ASS, YEAH ABOBO!!! Hahahahahaaa!!!"
-- Beta tester# 9765
"Go Abobo GO!!!!"
-- Wiesi
"Just 5 days before my B-day!!!! Thnx for the anticipated gift Abobos Crew!!!!! I
just want to smash something!!!!! Come here little puffy ball...."
-- DashDG-Smash!
"they should have already released abobo into the gaming world"
-- Dustin
"@Kiru No one wants to know what you did with a short TAILOR. You should have
probably kept that to yourself. By the way, is there any chance you could put
that release date countdown screen when you first enter as a screensaver? That
would be awesome! "
-- leverth
"Woot Woot! Birthday release! "
-- Nicholas
"Ahhh, a release date ~ Better than an non-specific mentioning, anyway."
-- Zero
"WOW iv never been so happy to live in my moms basement forget girls iv got ABOBO
-- tony
"Im so horny for this game. I cannot wait for the hot beef injektion. My senses
will explode from the lasting impact on my senses. Everything will be Abobo.
Abobo cereal, Abobo action figures, Abobo comics, movies, Abobo bedsheets! It
will be the second coming of the next mascot messiah. Heads will roll. In '12."
-- Tendakraut
-- Fachox
"This could be the greatest flash game ever !!!"
-- SICKdude
"So will this game be released on Friday the 13th, I am busy then otherwise I am
-- Jason
"im a beta tester but not yet sent to do the expriment other than that i think
this game is GONNA!! BE COOL!!!! i hope so oh and i wish the contra stage is a
bit easy... p.s i forgot to eat my scout this season..."
-- Armorian
"I can't wait until the release date!"
-- Yonodama Hiro
"hurray! "
-- Thomas
"I can't wait to see the pure rage Abobo will unleash on the world"
-- saturnknight
"I have never EVER been more excited for a game release. It's 8-bit forever,
boys! This will be the ultimate gem in gaming. Seriously. Thank you for doing
this Team Abobo!"
-- AC
"Hi, I love retrogames and if this one is going to be ready to play on 11th
January will be a great gift for me because my birthdate is 12th January!! "
-- Ronaldo
"to all of the people with birthdays on jaunuary 11th or 12th, nobody gives a
-- chuck
"Hey, this whole "birthday present" idea is no nice! My own birthday is on
September 7th, could you kindly hold the release just until then? I know, it's
just a few more months but it would be soooooo fun, wouldn't it? No?
-- PH Wolf
"Beta tester 11264 cant wait to play! "
-- Jeff b
"Waiting to beta test some stuff. Looking forward to full release of Abobo's
might January 11th."
-- Jordan
"And to think, when I asked a couple of weeks ago, if they were going to delay
the release or not, I was told I had little faith. Heh. In any case, good to
hear there is a release date, even if it's 2 weeks from now."
-- Alden Fenris
"This is coming out on my birthday :)"
-- Jacky
"Yarr, I shall crush ye all with me powerz!"
-- Capt. Dave
"Thanks to Team Abobo for putting so much heart and soul into an NES tribute. I
played the beta and it is amazing. It doesn't feel like a Flash game at all. "
-- Damon
"im having the counter in my head everytime i close my eyes. i dream about it!
This game is gonna be awesome!"
-- Tim Schyllert
"Roughly when can I expect to do some testing?"
-- tester # 11114
"So now that we have a release date, when can we expect the sequel?"
-- Bitchy McWhinington
"These graphics are balls."
-- Marshall Falconpunch
"Why do you not put it on steam? and i woud love 2 have a collectors edition!"
-- Tim Schyllert
"i think this game will be good because i love that kind of gameplay"
-- beta tester 11649
"Is this only gonna be a browser game or can it be downloaded?"
-- Tim Schyllert
"When can I have sex with Abobo's mustache?"
-- Tom Fulp's beard
"All your base are belong to Abobo."
-- Anthony Draper [4i6]
"I agree with Chuck up there. Everyone who is going on about having their
birthdays on the 11th or 12th... Nobody cares. Nobody. Well, maybe mom but she
probably doesn't care either."
-- Abobo's Dad
"Hide yo kids, hide yo wives.....and hide yo husbands cause Abobo rappen errybody
up in here !!! "
-- Antoine Dodson
"I am so anxious to play it already: P"
-- Daniel
-- New Challenger
"Hail to the new king baby, hail to the ABOBO"
-- Abobo'sBiotch
"The explanation for why the game is coming out in January made it worth the
wait. "
-- Jack Hass
"Looks like i won't do anything else but play this super duper awesome sauce when
it comes out."
-- John
"Yeah! Now I get to be my second favorite character in video games!..... Right
under me."
-- Sagat
"Really looking forward to this. Sadly the ad with the counter isn't timezone
fixed so I'll have to wait for some extra hours. :)"
-- Jeff
"YES!!! NEW UNDERWEAR!!! Oh...and Abobo's Big Adventure coming out is cool too."
-- Capt. Bossino
"Are you ready? I DON'T THINK YOU'RE READY!"
-- ZaQ
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