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Comment on: 1st Public Beta Test Complete!
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"Whoa, that level looks sweet, I'm definitely signing up for the beta
updates. Keep up the good work guys!"
-- Maury
"will the old version of this level be added in as a bonus challenge? so if any
one not in the Beta pool want to put their Parody playing skills to the test?"
-- SRG
"No, we won't be including the "man of steel" version in the final game. We had
to concede that the level is a lot better in the new format than the old...
though I guess if there's enough demand for an ultra-hard "super mario bros.
lost levels" kind of game, we might accomodate :-)"
-- Nick
"Keep up the good work guys. If I was Chuck Norris i'd give you a thumbs up."
-- Danny 4 Eyes
"...dig it!"
-- Joel
-- Nick
-- Nick
"Keep the betas comming ;) me smash them hard"
-- Tazze
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-- hopyarepe
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-- nowyadres
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