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Comment on: Abobo's Big Adventure Updated To Version 1.4!
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"Still no Bomberman boss in Legend of Zelda level? Damn. Have to go now to beat
Abobo's game once more."
-- Randomizer
"Thanks for the update. Just like a AAA title, you guys deliver updates upon
release. ;)"
-- Gus
"I notice that sometimes, Abobo doesn't actually look stunned when Little Mac
begins his transformation into Big Mac. Also, a few things: 1) Will there
eventually be a final version (in which no further updates will be made)? 2)
Will Aboboy's Small Adventure be available for free eventually?"
-- Anon
"There probably won't be any more updates, but can't promise anything right
now. Aboboy will NEVER be available without a donation. That would kind of
defeat the whole point don't you think?"
-- Nick
"Pressing M after level selecting contrabobo by mistake didn't work properly, the
music sounded like the main menu but I had to wait until the contrabobo intro
ended and the level started anyway before pressing M again for it to work
-- gia
"I like this game, and I hope this game has a android version"
-- tim
"On the first stage, (Double dragon) I have encountered a bug, when you punch the
first baby abobo just picks up the head and continues to punch the corpse
causing you to loose all control and you can't continue or do anything. I have
tried restarting and doing it again."
-- Random
"It is a huge, huge pleasure nice to meet you friends, I loved the game, man, I
never saw anything so good! I go donate, you deserve more, I hope we never stop
launching the release with some improvements and bug fixes and new features,
Long live to the Abobo´s Big Adventure, and Long live for developers, also
right? ;-) gamesmame@hotmail.com Thank you Guys!"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"I would love to see a sequel :o"
-- Execrator
"When you can release the game.exe? :D"
-- Katana
"this game is bacon. gg devs for work and old school fun. damn someone should
take exemple on that and create more 8bit fun instead of copycat games that
take up to 10 go disk space and you just realise its always the same stuff
innit, only the graphics are better each time. creativity and gameplay today is
not the same as it was on c64 and NES days. thank you guys. "
-- klang
"Will there be a sound test menu? Seems like most people want to know some of the
tracks like Abobo's sky slamming Amazon."
-- Ronnie
"Downloadable version doesn't save my medals, just levels and all."
-- Kimmerman
-- Adobo
"There's no virus, your scanner must be over-protective. See if you can over-ride
it, otherwise you might be out of luck!"
-- Nick
-- ThanatosRP
"aye the standalone does not save medals, was this intentional or? just curious
is all (not that I mind laughing again at the "achievements")"
-- joey joe joe shabado
"For standalone, achievements/medals don't work at all here; it behaves as if
I've already got them all except they don't show up in the achievements section
:[ The game is super-great! Thanks for making it :D"
-- erik
"It saves medals for me! Maybe check your flash internet security settings?
-- Nick
"Woops, my bad, just tested again and saw that the medals weren't saving... I did
some research and tracked down the problem. Delete your old one and re-download
the newest file and everything should be fixed. Let me know if it's still
-- Nick
"Nah, still nothing. 0/0 medals show up in the 'medals' section and all the slots
are completely blank. I'm running on windows 7 64 bit."
-- erik
"It would be nice if i could config the keys to something other than A S. (for
the mamecab) "
-- gus
"Will there ever be a sequel of this game? It would be funny to see Abobo dressed
as Super Mario while jumping around the place lulz. Maybe next time the sequel
can be about 16 bit games (Super Mario World, Sonic The Hegehog, Earthworm Jim
and some other games too) "
-- Whata
"Ok, I put up another version of the downloadable PC game. I then downloaded the
file and tested it and it's saving medals for me. Please check out the latest
and let me know if medals are still broken!"
-- Nick
"Sorry, but I downloaded the game onto my PC and it's STILL not saving my medals.
I don't know what on Earth am I doing wrong."
-- Anon
"To add to that: I swear I did NOT clear cookies on my computer."
-- anon
"Clear your download cache and re-download the current version. I've tested it
and it's working for me."
-- Nick
"I'm having a similar problem with medals... On my Achievments> Medals screen
there are no medals at all. Just grey boxes where they should be. Now I was
getting medals and had several before I decided to move ABA to my program files
directory so it shows up on the start menu. After I did that all the levels and
stuff I had unlocked was gone, now it shows levels unlocked but I get no medals."
-- fizzy
"I moved the folder to my program files and it still worked fine. Make sure
you've cleared your download cache and are really downloading the latest file!"
-- Nick
"Okay that did it, once I figured out what and where a download cache was to
delete in Win7 its working again and I got all my medals back too! :D"
-- fizzy
"These glitches are as strong as ever. I tried clearing my cache, I tried
removing all downloads, I tried restarting my computer, I tried moving the
program to the program directory to the start menu, but no matter what I do, I
keep getting black square icons for my medals. What am I doing wrong?"
-- Anon
"Download the latest version from the site after doing all that and check your
flash storage settings to make sure they allow data to be stored. The latest
file is working for everyone I've asked to test you just have to make sure
you're actually downloading the latest one!"
-- Nick
"I DID do all that. I DID allow the flash player seetings to store unlimited
content onto my computer. I DID download the most recent version. I'm STILL
getting black boxes for medals. No joke."
-- anon
"The medal images show up as black because Newgrounds is launching its redesign,
once their site is back up, the images will magically re-appear!"
-- Nick
"My sincerest apologies, Nick. I didn't know."
-- Anon
"Still running into the vanishing glitch on the Pro Wrestling level. Which btw
is a straight-up bad level in every way. Completely un-fun."
-- WilyNumber13
"Figure out what causes the glitch and I'll fix it!"
-- Nick
"I encountered the same bug as "random", where when you come across the first
"health boy" in the first stage, you punch his head off and keep punching with
his head in your hand over and over and just have to restart the game. It
happened to me 3 times in a row.."
-- Luke
"I have a feeling that one is caused by continuing from the game over screen. Can
you narrow down some event in the game that triggers the head grabbing loop?
What I mean is, is there something you can do that ALWAYS without fail, causes
that loop to happen rather than just "sometimes it happens and sometimes it
doesn't!" If you can figure that out you'll be my best tester friend!"
-- Nick
"Please add options to change the keys! I want to use my Bluetooth iControlPad
with Abobo's! It uses other keys in keyboard mode (or gamepad mode)!"
-- Alexandr3
"We can't change the key config unfortunately. But if you use joy2key following
the instructions on our gamepad page, you should be able to figure something
out. Good Luck!"
-- Nick
"I (gamesmame) gamesmame@hotmail.com Donated $20,00 Abobos Grrrrr... Thanks =) I
would like to donate more, but right now, I only help donating to you $ 20.00
... Once more releases are coming out, I'll try to do more and more donations,
in fact, if I could afford, I would hire every you, major developers, to
assemble a softhouse free open source, and we would be the retrogamers
devlopers, Thanks!"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"(gamesmame@hotmail.com) gamesmame = my name is Christian =)"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"Hello its me again =) Please in V1.5 input this addition a downloadable
standalone(browser-free) + fullscreen, YES we can play it much larger! and
config buttons and commands, i like the change the commands/buttons (its
possible a suport natural Joystick USB?? [I dont not like the joytokey!!]) and
save/load states in my machine... Please!! Thanks..."
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"Again =P ... I loved the aboboy adventure hehuauhhuauha... =) thanks for send
me a link for download... i am crazy for waith for Abobos B.A. V1.5 =)"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"Is anyone else not able to save your progress? I've tried playing it in Firefox,
and I've tried downloading it to my PC, but I've lost all progress for the
fourth time. My settings for Firefox don't delete cookies, so I'm stumped. I
want to give a small donation, but not being able to beat the game because it
won't save is keeping me from doing so. Any ideas?"
-- cubeboy
"i just wanted to say that you have an amazing game that, at first provides a
great light fun parody of NES games, and then evolves into something nearly as
hard as an NES game, i havnt even beaten the megabobo level! ill keep on trying
and i have signed up for beta testing and am looking forward to helping! "
-- noah sanderson
"Any time you clear cache cookies you will re-set your save file. I'd recommend
trying other browsers and adjusting your Internet security settings. Good luck!"
-- Nick
"I think I just figured it out. I use Firefox for all my browsing, but I
sometimes use IE for school, and I think that clears out my data. Ha. That's
-- cubeboy
"They should have Aboboy's small Adventure for free, 1:I don't have a credit card
(because of all the bullshit) 2: I don't want to be an asshole and download it
off a pirate website 3: The first one was free (even to download) so why can't
this one be, I mean I know that why it exists is for the donations but now thats
over so why shouldn't they make it free."
-- Aboboy Fan
"Donations are still coming in for Aboboy's small adventure, but it's only $1
(minimum donation) and you can use Paypal. Don't you think all these games we've
provided to entertain you are worth at least a lousy dollar?"
-- Nick
"The right amount of everything with infinite nostalgia. This is a game I
would buy for any platform."
-- Tirso Ramirez
"I think it's a bug I can't get Friendly Foes medal, tested with different
browsers, different peopple and different computers. It's the last achievement
for me 2 get! Please test it andfix, if it's a bug :P Looking forward to get
the answer ;) P.S. Srry 4 my bed English, I'm from Russia"
-- Dubi
"Hello, its me mari... ops gamesmame!!! huauhauha... and the V1.5????? please
release 1.5 ;)"
-- gamesmame@hotmail.co
"FUCK YOU why did you do the ballon level so hard FUCK YOU ASS
L L ;
-- donat
"@ donat: No, you just really suck you couldn't even spell balloon properly, so
suck your ass off."
-- Assbobo
"Please,help me unlock the last four medals...please..."
-- Kunio ZX
"Really very thanks for this game because i'm dreamed on some years ago for some
thing like this in onther words......ABOBO SMASH-ASSES..ok ..now i can leave in
peace right now. :D (F"#$NG HAPPY)"
-- hectorado
"i guess i find out a nice bug, i miss a attempt to get a medal so i close the
game, when i came back all my data was erased, so im starting it again"
-- Alan Filkins
" when is it free?"
-- dead dude
"contra bug: The platforms which are slightly above the water level can cause
"teleport" bug. When you jump into the river and you are very close to that
platform, then press the arrow key( the direction is not toward the platform ),
it will cause the teleport glitch."
-- marco
"Is this game intended to be beaten in one go in browser mode? Because when I
reload the page or come back to it later, all my data is gone."
-- Alain
"I too have Medal issues 0/0 and nothing else shows. How can i fix this on Mac?"
-- Namord
"good game"
-- tito
"this the best"
-- XaXuanChinh
-- math
"abobo rules wheeeeeeeeeeee "
-- felipe
"I got to the Contra level but died to Krangby so I stopped playing for about an
hour came back on and everything was deleted I never hit Clear saved data or
anything. "
-- Ryan
"Your Awesome game made me cry saying to myself 'nes parody is not dead' "
-- Edgar
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"How the hell do you get joy2key to work with this? I've got a buffalo snes
controller, and it won't, for the love of god, recognize the controller in the
game. Set it up the way you showed it."
-- Jeff
"The Mac version of the game doesn't open for some reason."
-- evilpebble
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