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Comment on: Building Levels In Abobo's Big Adventure.
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"I don't think you emphasized how crazy it is to have a completely NEW game for
each level. Most game developers create an engine in a couple days, then spend
the rest of the time polishing that engine and making levels. With Abobo,
every new level is a completely new game and has to go through a complete dev
cycle including engine, enemy types based on that engine, level design, and
-- Nick
"That is really A LOT of work. Are you sure you are going to finish it before the
-- Matija
"After 10 years of work, I sure hope it'll be done this summer. If not I might
have to reconsider my purpose in life."
-- Nick
"jackie chan action kung fu"
-- joel
"yes i have a question for abobo, do you take smelly shits?"
-- tom
"This is my first message. Please don't delete it. Thanks jsh39shd2 link"
-- unillatoith
"j4j3h4kj5 link"
-- spassyabila
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