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Comment on: Monday Abobo Update!
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"I'm guessing you are almost done with making the game. Can't wait to play it
:) "
-- Matija
""Close to done" is really tough to say on a game like this. There's still a lot
to do and a lot of testing before it's ready for the world, but we're starting
to get a hint of light at the end of the tunnel."
-- Nick
"Speaking of testing the game, when is next beta level coming?"
-- Matija
"Let me guess... contra?"
-- Dwarfguy2
"what do you say you code some naked chicks into this game with big boobs"
-- sean griggsby
"Next beta, as mentioned in the last beta email is really close, just need like
15 more people to sign up for the beta list...tell your friends. Chick's with
big boobs lose a lot when they're reduced to 8-bit pixels... not that there
won't be any, just sayin."
-- Nick
"Why couldn't they've taught me my high school math like this!!!"
-- Matt
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